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Vårv is a very interesting fishing spot in Ammerån. On the south side there is a large bay, and there are several interesting currents that requires a visit depending on the current water level. The lower the water, the longer you wade in order to find the larger grayling, and eventually you fish towards the shore on the south side. A bit above Vårv you find Båtlänningen, a nice quiet stream outside of a calm water that is a hot spot for the worm fisherman early in the season, and for fly fishermen at the end of the same. Vårv ends up into a sharp curve, Ajaxstället, with a strong current on the north side and a really interesting calm water on the south side for the dry fly fishermen. Below the curve you find Skeftes which holds some fine grayling streams. Båtlänningen is a nice place to fish early in the season, and then preferably with a top-knoted rod angled with worm. Vårv and Skeftes usually get going somewhat later in the season when the water levels has set a bit- usually around midsummer - and the fishing is good as long as the river does not begin to rise again. Ajaxstället requires low tide and rarely gets really good until well into August. Most of the season, it is the traditional Ammerån-style, wet-fly fishing that gets you the catch; three flies on the leader and classic wet-fly fishing where you put your line straight out in the stream and then letting it run down through the interesting currents. For each roll, pull out a few inches extra line and effectively fish every interesting spot in the stream. You should not miss fishing during the darkest hours, when the larger grayling are the most active. At the end of the season, dry fly fishing can really work on hot afternoons. By then, the south side of Våra and Ajaxstället is the most interesting spots.

IIn the mid seventies, is slowly started to try to learn tying my own flies. Simple nymphs was not so difficult to create so quite soon I could catch fish on self-produced flies. One day I had been playing at the vise and tied a streamer on a worm hook. The fly looked really miserable, but my father said it looked like a real trout fly and that he would certainly try it that evening. Said and done, that evening we fished Vårv, and my dad got two really big trout on that hideous fly, and I was of course overjoyed. The fly was after the evening named "The Trout Horror"..

We spent a lot of time at Vårv. Sometimes just dad and I, sometimes together with others. Quite often friends and relatives was invited to follow us go fishing Vårv. Vårv became a place for fishing, socializing and, when the summer was really hot, for bathing. Vårv, and it´s streams, have changed quite a lot over the years. Now a days the pace of the stream has been moved, and at the time two big birch trees on the beach, pointing towards the water, was really fun for us kids to play at. Now that birches have long gone drifted away and many years have passed , but nevertheless, Vårv is the place I prefferr when fishing Ammerån. In the late seventies, my cousin Jan-Erik, a few years older then me, often joined my dad and me on our fishing trips to Vårv. We usually spend the whole evening, anf quite a good deal of the night, at the river fishing. Jan-Erik always brought whith him "bag of buns", and we fished, drank coffee, ate buns and had a generally nice time. After such an upbringing, it is impossible not to be a fishermen as an adult.

Vårv was the location where I learned the art of dry fly fishing. For most of the season in Ammerån, nymphs and wet flies usually work the best but, some some late summers/falls - when the river is spared from the rain, which get the river to rise, that most years marks the end of the fishing season all too early - dry fly fishing can be very rewarding. 1983 was such a year when the second half of August and early September offered great weather and an appropriate water level. Me and Göran spent all free time down by, and around Vårv, and specifically at the curve below Vårv - a place we named Ajaxstället. We used to wade out to our respective favorite stone and fished the stream towards the other side, in the current right aside a calm pool. We caught plenty of nice grayling at Ajaxstället, and the Ajax Fly gave us fish almost every fishing trip that autumn. Two years later I discovered the gutter at Vårv. The gutter is deep and slow flowing and is located towards the shore at the south side of Vårv. The water level must be pretty low before you can wade as far as you need to reach to the gutter, and even bit lower before it gets really good. Late summer 1985 was beneficial for dry fly and Göran and I had waded us in position to fish the attractive gutter. On my leader you found a Bôlôn Favorit, and Göran used a Biegents Black. Göran, who fished the upper part of the stretch, had seen a huge fish in the surface he tried to reach, while I fished the lower part where it the grayling showed them self quite frequently. After a while I had six grayling in my knapsack and the fishing trip was already fully satisfying for me. The seventh made it a real success. A stroke that did not look particularly impressive at all - a lift of the rod - a real heavy pressure in the end of the line, and after some nervous struggling I admired what was my hitherto far biggest catch ever in the river. Göran, who had not yet catched anything when he stubbornly kept on fishing for the big one he saw in the upper parts, was by now quite crotchety, and the worse it would be. Finally the big one decided to take Görans fly, and I saw at once that it was a grayling well in class with my big one when it jumped. Then his leader went off with a bang. I have never seen someone be so close to break his rod over his knee, that Göran was at that moment.

In the early nineties, the distance between Baracken and Skattlandsforsen was completely closed for fishing for several years, and thus also Vårv. When fishing was allowed at Vårv again, the course of the main stream had slightly changed, but it was not long before we found the grayling again. During the latter part of the nineties, Vårv became a big-grayling-place for me. I managed to find grayling in 8 hectograms and above every summer, and it all culminated in a fabulous weekend in early July in 1999, when the river showed a fishery only surpassed in a few of my visit to the grayling hot-spots in the road-free areas north of Kiruna. The weekend gave twenty grayling between four and nine hectograms, the majority taken on black nymph, and it is doubtful if I will ever experience as good fishing in the river again - just this weekend, all the conditions for good fishing must have been met by a wide margin. Vårv has been, and will always remain, one of my favorite places in the river.

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