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Pelles Fiske is mainly in Swedish, but some English material are available and the plans are to expand this part, so keep coming back!

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E-mail: info@pelles-fiske.se

Färsåns Fishing Camp
Affordable accommodation in a peaceful and harmonious environment, beautifully situated in the Ammerån river valley.

Fishing guide in Ammerån
Guided tours in the river Ammerån with an experienced fishermen who have had Ammerån as his home water for more than 40 seasons.

Pelles Fiske presents

Ammerån - a section, crammed with facts about the fishing in the lower parts of Ammerån, and how the fishing have developed from the seventies up until today. Also check:
- Färsån fishing camp
- Fishing guide in Ammerån
- Flies for Ammerån

Pelles Fiskes biggest inventions
Chapter 1: Arnes Ant
Chapter 2: Gold-headed Européa-12
Chapter 3: CDC-12
Chapter 4: The One

The journey to America - about a fishing trip to Colorado.
Fly fishing European Chamionship 2014 - my impressions of this spectacular event.