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Danielholmen is a relatively large islet that outside itself has a nice and calm stream that ends in a large pool. The stream holds there a lot of nice habitats for both grayling and trout, and in the calm waters you can, if you're lucky, find the larger trout . Below the calm water, after a small stream and at the very end of the islet, is another interesting stream which the grayling seems to enjoy. Danielholmen is one of the few places that work really well when the spring flood goes high at the beginning of the season. If you then fish deep, the chances are more than good that you get the grayling you need for the following day's dinner. Heavy nymphs and sinking line can catch you some fish, but fishing deep with worms gives you the best chances. Above the islet you find a shelter, and later in the season, when the river flow at the islet gets really slow, you can fish there instead. Just outside the shelter you find a nice stream toward the south side of the river that is worth some attention. I have fished some with dry fly at Danielholmen late in the season, but rarely got any good catches. No, Danielholmen is best early in the season - later in the season, other places gets my attention.

When I was seven years old I got my first memorable catch in Ammerån. My father and I went to Danielholmen for an afternoon of fishing. I was placed down by the calm water where dad thought that I could stand and cast with my spinners, while he would fish the stream in the beginning of the islet. He wanted to keep track of what I did, without risking that I would be in the way, while himself was to fish in the more interesting stream. After a while he saw something funny. He saw me frantically spinning in line, clearly I had something on that had choosen to bite on the Panter I fished with. Suddenly I turned around, put the rod over the shoulder and started walking - the fish was too heavy for me to crank it all the way to the shore. When my father came down to me he saw a nice trout on land, and an overjoyed son on the other end of the line a bit into the woods.

Danielholmen is the obvious place to visit during the yearly fishing opener night in Ammerån. Fishing is prohibited during the spring, so that the grayling can spawn in peace. and fishing is allowed from first of June. The water is usually very high at that time and most years, Danielholmen is one of very few places where fishing is at all possible. Usually we arrives to the stream already in the eavning and just sits and wait for the stroke of midnight the night before the first of June. We usually start a camp fire, eats some sausages, drink coffee and maybe something a bit stronger, and just feels good until the new day begins. Then it will be a few hours of fishing before we, tired but happy, start the walk homewards, usually with a nice weighty fish basket over the shoulder.

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