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In the early nineties, it finally stood clear, the threat to exploit Ammerån for hydroelectric purposes was avoided by law. My own involvement in the river increased, and I was working as a rafting-guide besides the fishing-activities. In 1993, though, I moved to Uppsala to study, but I made sure that I could spend large parts of the summers in Färsån - I did not want to miss my fishing trips in Ammerån. In the summer of 1997, I worked on my thesis in mathematics throughout the summer, and did so based in Färsån. As a student your wallet is quite thin, so each and every night it took a trip down to the river to pick tomorrow's lunch or dinner. By now, fishing tourism was well developed, but I was still often on my own at my favorite places, when most tourists tend to go home early. They simply become tired of not getting something of value and go home, maybe nineish a clock in the evening, long before the fish usually really starts showing themself. I had grayling or trout for dinner quite often that summer. The only thing that changed when it comes to choice of flies during this time was that I discovered that Dyson and Red Palmer was excellent choice to place on one of the hangers, otherwise it looked like before.

More tests with keeping some areas closed for fishing were made in the nineties by a still very active fish-conservation association. Windbreaks were renovated or rebuilt, and fisheries in Ammerån had gone from being something that mainly the locals were doing into a veritable tourist industry. I was not slow to take advantage of this fact when I finished my university studies with a master's degree in computer sience -98 and moved back home. Since the end of the last millennium I have a bywork as fishing guide in the river.

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