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Skattlandsforsen is one of the faster rapids in the river, well on par with Krokforsen and Lövleforsen, and only clear surpassed by Olsforsen. The current just above the rapids can occasionally give you some grayling, but it is the pool below the white water that is really interesting. The cabin by the pool was earlier owned by a relative of mine, but is nowadays in Ammeråns fiskecamp´s possession. Above the front door of the cabin you find a drawing of a large trout that my uncle catched there sometime in the sixties. The trout weighing more than 1.5 kilograms and was taken on a Jungle Cock Black if I remember correctly. And it is for the chance to get big trout that Skattlandsforsen is really interesting, even if the chance of catching a big grayling should not be underestimated. In Skattlandsforsen, the fishing is at is best from when spring floods has receded, and beyond far in to the fall. The usual tree-fly-setup and classic wet fly fishing, or fishing with worm, is the methods preferred, as always in Ammerån. But it do not hurt to try a streamer now and then, to search for the really big trout.

I was about fifteen years old and took a ride on my moped down to the cabin at Skattlandsforsen to greet my few years younger relatives who were there to visit with their parents. When I arrived, I saw my cousin Stig-Göran and my second cousin Hans (whos parents owned the house at the time) fishing the river on the south side - they had crossed the pool using a small inflatable boat. "Hurry up and get your fishing gear, it's great fishing" Stig-Göran shouted over the river, and I had to, even though it was already quite late, take a ride home and quickly fetch my fly rod, fish coat, waders and hurry back to the rapids. They helped me to cross by boat, and Stig-Göran proudly showed one quite nice trout he had caught during the evening. On my fly cast I found, as usual, a black nymph at the tip of the leader, and I put out a short throw in the black eddies just at the end of the rapids. Nothing happened on the first throw so I pulled out an inch of line and put out a new roll. The line stopped, I lightly lifted a the rod, and the grayling hooked. I knew immediately that it was a pretty big fish on, and Stig-Göran and Hans observed it all with wide eyes when the grayling jumped and fought for his escape from the annoying black nymph in his mouth. A moment later the grayling lay safe on the beach. "What a mighty" was the only thing Stig-Göran said when he looked at the grayling that was about twice as big as the one he had caught - "what a mighty". We fished in and around the rapids all night long and got some more nice grayling, but the night's biggest I got already in the second throw and just a few meters from the shore - something to learn something from.

Since the ownership of the cabin changed hands there has not been much fishing for me at Skattlandsforsen. The cabin is rented out, and when it does not fit to be too many who fish below the rapids, I tend to look for other places in the river to fish - places where you are more likely to be left in peace.

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