Flies for Ammerån

Pelles Fiske have presented what flies to use in Ammerån in several articles (in Swedish, by others; Flugor för Ammeråns harrar and Guide till Ammerån. Things have happened since those articles were written though, so it´s time to present an updated set of flies, perfect for Ammerån (and several other waters as well)!

The sinking ones

Gold-headed E-12
This is probably the most successful fly pattern created by Pelles Fiske (by the Graylinger & Raven together) - it seems to work excellently everywhere, and Ammerån is no exception! Read more about it in the article Gold-headed Européa-12. The Gold-headed E-12 has, during the last 10 years, gone from a sporadic guest on the fly-tackle to the given choice as the end fly on the same, and there it seems to be staying!
Crocheted purple nymph
The crocheted nymphs were presented here at Pelles Fiske already in the early 2000´s, and by then the crocheted black nymph was still the given first choice for fishing Ammerån. That's not the case anymore, but the crocheted nymphs are still definitely worth a place on a triple-cast, and they still take a lot of grayling. Today I prefer the purple variant slightly before the black one, so that's why it is the purple one that is presented here, as one of the must-have-flies for Ammerån.

In the surface

A classic pattern and the favorite fly of the guy known as the Mink. The pattern is apparently largely forgotten - after searching the web I have only found one reference to this pattern, and then only to the name, without any picture or descriptions of it - to me this is very strange considering how good it is! Advantageously used as the top suspension fly on a triple-cast, or fished as an end fly in, or just below, the surface - a very flexible fly.
Arnes Ant
An innovation by the hands of Raven, who also described the story behind the fly in the article Arnes Ant. Fished just like Dyson as the top suspension fly on the triple-cast, or classic (half-) dry. A not as obvious choice on the tripple-cast as Dyson, but on the other hand it has proven to be completely superior everything else on some occasions - there is no reason not to try the Arnes Ant!

Dry flies

Bôlôn Favorite
A pattern from the mid eighties, and still going strong. When it comes to dry fly fishing in the Ammerån river, just like in all other rivers, it is preferable to fish with something that mimics what the fish are currently raising to. The advantage of the Bôlôn Favorite is that it tends to attract the fish to rise even when they otherwise stays below the surface. A fly for the late summer and autumn fishing.
Ajax fly
The Officer's creation, and also this one from the mid eighties - now somewhat modernized (compared to the original, a tail have been added that make the presentation in the surface better). A neat dry fly that mimics a lot of the smaller mayflies you see on the river Ammerån.

With these flies in the fly-box you are well equipped for a trip to Ammerån.
Tight lines!