Guide to Ammerån - Lower Ammeråns fishing association

Ammerån originates from Solbergsvattnet (eaven though some people claims that the actual Ammerån originates from the outflow of Hammerdalsjön) and ends up into Indalsälven some miles upstream Hammarstrand. The more rapid sections of the river mainly holds a nice stock of grayling, seasoned with a portion (if you're lucky, really big) trout. Pelles Fiske operates in the lower parts of Ammerån (Lower Ammeråns fishing association).

Lower Ammeråns fishing association fishing licenses cost:
100 SEK for a day
200 SEK for three days
400 SEK for a week
750 SEK for the season
The "special streatch"; 350 SEK/18 hours

Starting from upstream, the following fishing rules applies:
Down to Krokforsen (C in the map below); a baglimit of 3 35-38 cm fish/day.
From Krokforsen (C) to the outflow of Färsån (I) (exempt the "special streatch"); fly only with barbless flies and a baglimit of 1 35-38 cm fish/day.
From the outflow of Färsån (I) to the outflow in to Indalsälven (M); a baglimit of 3 35-38 cm fish/day.
The "special streatch" - the streatch between Grundforsen (D) and Högremsforsen (G) - the license cost 350 SEK a day and a maximum of nine licenses are sold per day. No kill and fly only with barbless flies applies.

Click the markers in the map for information about some fishing spots on the Lower Ammeråns fishing association that is good to have knowledge about.